Hello! I'm an alien life form that's lurking around this site. I'm completely accustomed to the human life and have human preferences. I like BL,seiyuu, utaite, Free!.

You can find my own posts by clicking "my posts" though they're only a few. I mostly reblog (a lot), and I'm sorry if I found your site and reblogged it all here.
I tag A LOT and it can get annoying but I do it so I can go back to the posts lol.

I'm friendly so don't hesitate to talk to me, I want human friends! I mostly ship homo ships and I ship all the ships so wherever you're sailing to, I'll surely be on board!

You can listen to the playlist on top bottom the page! It's an all-male song playlist. I just found out you can't put two playlists on one site lol. The Donut Hole one is gone.

The voice clips with the congratulations from each main character (to Rin) have been posted on the Free! official site! They’ll be up until the 8th of February 2014 at 6 p.m (Japan time).

Here’s what everyone says:

Nagisa: - Happy birthday, Rin-chan! Rin-Rin!
Rei: - Happy birthday. I heard from Nagisa-kun that your birthday is today.
Makoto: - Today’s your birthday, isn’t it? Happy birthday, Rin!
Haruka: - It’s been a while since I last congratulated you. I’ll only say it once. Happy birthday, Rin.
Rin: - Thank you. (said in English)

Check it out now!

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